DETOIL is a company with a tradition in which a lot of love, work, dedication and sacrifice from the whole team has been invested. Our goal is to learn and thrive together by building a brand and corporate affiliation through energy, knowledge, skills, commitment to business and honest work. 

We want to learn from the best, to use modern and up-to-date methods of work, to hire loyal, dedicated and dynamic workers who will grow and mature with us.

All together not to connect the desire for business success and continuous development by functioning as a family but building a spirit of entrepreneurship by finding optimal solutions in business.

This organizational culture and social responsibility are our characteristics.


1. Job application

The job application can be submitted in the following ways:
– by filling in the electronic application on the DETOIL site;
– via e-mail to the address vrabotuvanje@detoil.com.mk;
We place your job application in our job register.

2. Selection of candidates from the received applications

The Human Resources Manager carefully checks all received job applications. Based on the applications and your CVs, the manager selects the 10 most suitable candidates for the required position

3. First interview

We are contacting you to schedule the first interview to be held between the applicant, the Human Resources Manager and the Head of Department where you are applying. Based on the conducted first interview, a closer selection is made and the selection of the 3 most suitable candidates who continue to the second interview.

4. Second interview

We contact you to schedule a second interview to be held with the general manager, if necessary for certain positions, tests can be organized to check the required knowledge.

5. Start of job

If you have been selected to start work, we will notify you and arrange when you will start work.


All those who are recognised in our vision, mission and goals are:

    • Positive;
    • Self-critical;
    • Fast and expeditious;
    • Energetic;
    • Capable of constructively discussing problems and conflicts;
    • Able to provide a suggested solution to a work problem;
    • Innovative;
    • Creative;
    • Do not make the same mistake more than twice;
    • Be willing to take the initiative;
    • Have a professional approach to work responsibilities;
    • Respect the agreed deadlines for completion of work responsibilities;
    • By nature you have no aversion or laziness to continuous learning;