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DETOIL, a Production, Wholesale and Retail Company, import-export, LLC Kumanovo was incorporated on 26.07.1993 with the basic activity of oil derivatives retail. The company was established as a family business by a father and two sons and this ownership structure has not changed to this day. The first head of the company Grozde Karanfilovski retired in 2008 and his place was taken by his younger son Dejan Karanfilovski.

The first Petrol Station started operating in 1994 in the municipality Staro Nagorichane. It is stretched out on 3000 м2 with a containers’ capacity of 300 м3. Within the petrol station there is a market where one can get a wide range of motor oils and consumer goods.

The second Petrol Station, located at the highway section Tabanovce – Kumanovo chainage 6.5 km to the right, started operating in 1997. Within the petrol station there is the administrative building of the company DETOIL. The petrol station is stretched out on 12,500 м2 with a containers’ capacity of 300 м3. This space also includes a freight vehicle parking lot. With time this space increased to 58,000 м2 and in 2008 part of it was rented to the Customs terminal, which is functional up till today. The same year a restaurant Fresh was opened within the petrol station with an area of 200 м2 indoor space and 50 м2 outdoor space for entertainment. The restaurant has a capacity of 62 indoor and 34 outdoor seats.

In 2005 a third petrol station was opened in the municipality Vera Kotorka (at the regional highway Kumanovo – Sveti Nikole on the left side) which, unlike the other two stations, offers a liquid oil gas as well. The petrol station is stretched out on a surface of 8000 м2 with a containers’ capacity of 150 м3 for liquid derivatives and 25 м3 for liquid oil gas. Within the petrol station there is a modern buffet with a wide range of pastry, non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks.

In 2011 the fourth petrol station was opened at 108 a Pero Nakov Street, in Skopje right next to the market - Super Tinex. At a construction lot of 5000 м2, besides the petrol station there is an administrative-business object built on 1400 м2, i.e. a total net usable surface of around 5000 м2. The containers’ capacity is 120 м3 for liquid derivatives and 25 м3 for liquid oil gas.


Dejan Karanfilovski | Director

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Aleksandar Krstevski | Commercial sector

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Biljana Karanfilovska | Accounting sector

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Milena Aleksovska | Legal sector

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  • Detoil DOO offers oil derivatives with an utmost quality to all home petrol stations and a wide selection of luxury goods for your cars.
  • We maximize the satisfaction of our potential consumers offering them a complete range of services, a petrol station is supposed to offer.
  • We care for the environment and the interests of our associates and clients.


  • Detoil DOO’s aim is to implement the most modern standards for petrol stations’ functioning.